Manufacturing in a responsible manner

An outstanding feature of all Merck products is their reliable quality. At the Gernsheim site the ISO 9001:2000, 14001, 17025 and cGxP quality management standards are the bedrock of our commitment to quality. The high level of quality we attain is regularly confirmed in successful audits conducted by our customers and by official inspectors, and provides impetus for us to seek ever better ways of doing things.

Responsibility for safety and health and the circumspect treatment of the environment are two of Merck's top priorities. This begins with the careful manufacturing of our chemicals and laboratory products, covering all aspects from providing a safe environment for our employees and neighbors to environmentally-friendly production.
Specialist departments for quality, environmental protection, fire protection, safety and occupational health affairs support employees and the EHS officers in meeting their quality, environmental protection and safety obligations at the site.


Quality management:
Martin Sobel
Environmental protection:
Wolfgang Prinz
Bernd Sassmannshausen

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Pioneering work for allergy patients

Whether allergies are due to heredity, environmental pollution or excessive hygiene, they are troublesome illnesses of the immune system whose effects should not be underestimated.

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Partnerships for better early diagnosis

Few people know the symptoms of a head and neck tumor. Merck is therefore supporting head and neck tumor awareness week again this year.

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Honeybees sweeten “Go Green” initiative

In the town of Aubonne on the north side of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, Merck Serono employees produce not only cutting-edge biotechnological medicines, but their own honey too.

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